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Ecommerce – The New Era Of Online Shopping

Not long back, have you ever imagined that you could get virtual customers practically from all corners of the world? The idea of leveraging Internet technology for business transactions was simply out of question. But, ecommerce development has made it possible. Truly online retailing has become the global way of shopping.

Ecommerce is the abbreviated version of electronic commerce/ internet commerce which refers to online sales of products across two different places. Ecommerce has allowed made the process of placing online order and making online payment simple and easy. It has indeed created a novel buyer experience for the millions of customers worldwide.

OSculus is the most trustworthy service provider in ecommerce development in Delhi who can ensure best ecommerce strategies for your business.

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Is E-commerce Only Retail?

Ecommerce is not just confined to retailing of products. It has myriad forms based on the nature of business transactions, namely:

Online Retail Business – it refers to direct sale of a product to a consumer by a business organization without any intermediary party/ person.

Wholesale of Products – it refers to bulk sale of products to a retailer, who then sells it across to other customers.

Third Party Dropshipping – it refers to the shipment of a sold product to a customer by a third party business unit.

Crowdfunding for New Start-up – it refers to the collection of start-up capital, in advance, which is required to launch a new product in the market.

Subscription – it refers to automatic purchase of any product/ service on a regular basis until the time a user chooses to unsubscribe.

Downloadable Digital Products – – it refers to sale of digital items which are licensed for use, like digital goods, templates and media documents.

Skillset Services – – it refers to purchase of skillsets of an individual/ team from a service provider in lieu of a fee.

Often ecommerce and e-business are considered to be the same – but they are separate concepts. E-business is about aspects connected to operation of a web business whereas ecommerce is specifically focused on purchase of products (goods) and services.

Ecommerce is experiencing phenomenal growth because it has benefitted online retailers, small independent businesses and large online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart to sell their products and services.

Types Of Ecommerce Models Offered By OSculus Experties

Kudos to our experts at OSculus, the leading digital marketing agency in India,who are adept in providing the best of ecommerce development services. We can provide brilliant ecommerce solutions to our valuable business clients via the best designed ecommerce models.

We Provide:

B2C (Business to Consumer) Model – designed for online retailer selling products like apparel, accessories and shoes to an individual customer.

B2B (Business to Business) Model – designed for businesses selling company services to another business organization.

C2C (Consumer to Consumer) Model – designed for consumer who wants to sell goods or service to another consumer.

C2B (Consumer to Business) Model – designed for consumer who wants to make a business deal for his unique services and products to a company.

Our Key Feature

The best part of OSculus’s ecommerce development services in Noida is the shopping cart solution that we provide from our online retail clients. We design and develop the best piece of software which facilitates the online sales process.

What Makes Us #1 Ecommerce Development Company?

Ecommerce has taken online business to new heights. Hence, medium to big companies are leaving no stones unturned to leverage the potential of tailor-made ecommerce strategies.

We cater to offshore clients based in United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia as well as European countries like France, Germany and Sweden.

We, At OSculus Promises Our Clients With:
  • Exceptional ecommerce developmental services
  • We provide customized software solutions and development strategies aligned to your business model.
  • We have a highly proficient team comprising consultants and developers headed by a project manager.
  • We work with modern tools and technology (always implementing the best and the innovative).
  • We like to work in a collaborative work environment, keeping our clients in loop.
  • We do not compromise on quality – we aim towards zero imperfections.
  • We help our clients to stand out in the crowded digital landscape.


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